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My fianće Glenn and I have two children, Eliza- 4 years old and Beau is almost 2 year’s old. Life is certainly busy and the kids are developing well. The best thing about motherhood is being challenged everyday.. I have to be playful, strong (mentally and physically), organised, spontaneous and most of all, loving, with is the easiest to be! My biggest achievement is giving birth to two interesting unique little people. Eliza is a free spirited passionate girl who hates everything pink and disney which I have to say is so refreshing.  Eliza is a Black Water dragon – which relates to the Chinese horoscope and the year 2012. Dragon babies are meant to be  ‘lucky’  and the water dragons occur every 64 years. Occupying the 5th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is the mightiest of the signs. Dragons symbolize such character traits as dominance and ambition.Children born in the Year of the Dragon have vivid personalities and are independent from birth. This is definately our daughter Eliza.

Our son Beau is such a cool boy. ( year of the horse- same as Ella Fitzgerald, Rembrandt,Oprah Winfrey, Sir Isaac Newton, Harrison Ford, Paul McCartney, John Travolta) He oozes the calm personality of Glenn and loves music so much he crawls over to our record player and points every morning! Beau is turning 1 on the 15th March – which is Mothers day! Beau is just super cute with a dimple on one cheek and a winning smile. He adores his sister and  loves pulling books of our book shelf! Eliza finds him somewhat annoying and regularly takes his toys away and replaces them with a downgrade but Beau simply beams with joy and goes about his day bashing, drumming and dancing to reggae and rare groove mainly!




In it for the Long Haul- a blog that parents can relate to

I recently travelled to New Zealand – the land of the long white cloud, with my first child. Now for the record, I used to be that person that rolled their eyes at the parents who walked through the cabin carrying some snot faced toddler. Every childless human willing that family to keep on walking past their territory, then finally breathing a sigh of relief when the wailing time bomb had moved on…
I was guilty of this. I confess I couldn’t understand why parents would subject themselves and
their children through this public through this ordeal.
Selfishly, the thought of having to sit on a plane for 27 hours listening to endless cooing
and ” yes you are” made me want to vomit into my miniature air sickness bag .
Of course now, after child birth, breast feeding ( yes I still am ) and several NCT classes
later, I’m looked forward to the rest! My daughter and I boarded the plane with great
anticipation! I secretly smiled at those people that dared to lift one eyebrow towards
our direction. I cooed and “yes you are’d “the whole bloody flight because I had to.
It’s how I survived and how I prayed that my baby would be the only baby that everyone
fell in love with . Having a baby doesn’t define who I am. However, I’ m in it for the long
haul and life will never be the same again. It’s an amazing experience and I will always see travelling long haul as taking an over sized piece of luggage wherever you go.
If you see me walking towards you on a lengthy flight it’s not personal.